QuickBooks is supposed to be designed for an amateur to do bookkeeping. The set up can be quite tricky and without the proper training or extensive research, the product you put so much time into can all of a sudden cause you more frustration.  

The set up must be done correctly to ensure the data being input will produce the reports desired. 

Meeting with a CPA and/or accountant first is essential to getting your QuickBooks set up correctly. Knowing your accounting method, what is needed in your chart of accounts and how to load beginning balances are a few of the areas up for discussion once you have made the decision to use QuickBooks as your accounting software. 

What is offered in the QuickBooks set up?

· Evaluation of your current accounting set up and recommendations for software (desktop or online)

· Installation, building of chart of accounts, inventory, accounts payable and accounts receivable

· loading of beginning balances and tie out to previous years tax return (if applicable)

· data entry of outstanding accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory on hand

· set up of payroll module and data entry of prior payroll for the current year to ensure W-2’s are true and correct

· Set up of lists of products or services sold 

· If bookkeeping will be done in house, client training on all QuickBooks functionality is available


Whether you are new to QuickBooks or have tried to do it on on your own and need some assistance, QuickBooks training is available!  We can schedule time to come to your location and train you and your staff on how to operate QuickBooks to give you the reports desired.

What training is offered? 

· Onsite training or remote training available

· We can train in a specific topic, like accounts receivable or accounts payable clean up, or overall QuickBooks functionality.

· Once training is complete, we will be available to answer specific questions and walk through issues as they arise. Our training is customized to each client's specific needs


It is time to focus on your business and not your paperwork! As a small business owner, time is better served building the practice. First Class Bokkeeping, LLC can take care of your bookkeeping needs. Our services can be tailored to fit your specific scope of work. We can do as little or as much as you desire. 

See below for some of the services we offer.

· Incorporation services available (articles, business license, sales tax permits, federal id numbers, etc)

· process all data input and reconcile bank, credit card and investment accounts

· Prepare, submit and reconcile payroll

· Submit government re-admittance

· Prepare and send out accounts receivable

· Prepare checks for bill payments

· Review books for accuracy and give solutions for best practices

· Work closely with your CPA monthly, quarter, simi-annually or annually


 Produce reports including, but not limited to:

  1. Balance sheet
  2. Income statement
  3. General ledger
  4. Tenant Ledgers (real estate)
  5. Reconciliation reports for balance sheet items
  6. Cash flows


Payroll can be laborious for the small business owner. You must stay up to date with the ever-changing laws for both the IRS and states, individually. Outsourcing payroll can save time, money and give you peace of mind.

 Here are some of the reasons to outsource your payroll:

· Saves time and money

· Payroll tax returns are filed timely

· All-inclusive reporting

· Nullifies concerns for internal controls

All of our services can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Your CPA will be most grateful.

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